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Elizabeth Atwood has been teaching at Sparrow Academy since the Fall of 2020 as the TK/K teacher for the Seagull Sagebrush class. She has had valuable experience in Waldorf Education and training including being employed for four years as the Lead Kindergarten teacher at a K-5 public charter school guided by the core principles of Waldorf Education in Tucson, AZ. Elizabeth also completed her Lifeways North America training in Phoenix, AZ, and graduated in 2018. Elizabeth has spent the last three years earning her California Teachers Certification and will be fully accredited by Spring 2023!


Earlier in her career, she attended the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Ecosystems. It took her almost five years of working within the sustainable food system sector before realizing her true gift and passion for Waldorf Education. She has attended local and national Waldorf-related meetings, in-services, and workshops including the national APWE conferences for various years.


Elizabeth's professional goal is to receive a Master's Degree In Early Childhood Education from an accredited Waldorf Institution and continue to strive to her highest potential as a public school teacher and Waldorf Educator. She is an energetic and warm teacher with a passion for early childhood and enriching the lives of children through Waldorf pedagogy.

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Ms. Elizbeth Elizabeth Atwood
Tk-Kindergarten Teacher
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San Diego, California