What Makes Sparrow Academy Special?

As a school guided by the Core Principles of Waldorf Education, here are just a few of the things we do differently than the typical elementary or middle school:

  • Our curriculum and content are tailored to the development of the students

  • Our teachers loop with their classes for two or more years

  • Our school is media-free and encourages a media-free lifestyle while children are young

  • Our school waits to introduce technology use until middle school 

  • Our teachers are Waldorf-trained in addition to having their state teaching credential

  • Our students create their own textbooks 

  • Our teachers integrate the arts into all student learning

  • Our kindergarten is play-based 

  • Our specialty classes (handwork, games, strings, Spanish) are integral to the school experience 

What’s the same?

  • High academic expectations 

  • Common Core State standards

  • Annual state testing

  • State-credentialed teachers