Sparrow Students Performing at Maypole Ceremony
Sparrow Academy’s mission is to cultivate conscientious, engaged citizens through a scholarly and artistic study of the humanities, math, and science, grounded in Waldorf philosophy.
Guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education, Sparrow Academy focuses on the whole child and is dedicated to making its school environment a place where students can demonstrate success academically, socially, and emotionally. Diversity is celebrated and the school’s climate reflects acceptance of all backgrounds.
Sparrow Academy’s staff takes pride in providing a positive, caring, and stimulating setting where students have opportunities to maximize their potential. Not only are our students expected to achieve high standards, both academically and behaviorally; they are supported and nurtured to develop their own unique and special talents and gifts, with the goal of giving them skills so they can handle the challenges of our everchanging world.