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Who qualifies?

K-8th grade students residing in the county of San Diego can apply to the Sparrow Academy Homeschool program. 

How do I apply?

If you are already enrolled at Sparrow Academy, fill out a Homeschool Master Agreement and return it to our school office or via email to Millie Samatua: [email protected]. If you are not yet enrolled at Sparrow, please apply through our website and choose the Homeschool option.

Is attendance free?

Yes, attending Sparrow Academy’s Homeschool program is free as we are a public school. 

Does your school have a special education program?

Yes, for Homeschool students who have IEPs, an IEP meeting would be held first to determine if FAPE can be appropriately provided in that setting. 

Does your program follow Common Core standards?

Sparrow Academy’s Homeschool program combines Common Core state standards with Waldorf learning outcomes. More specifically, we follow the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education Recommended Grade Level Placements of Common Core Standards In a Waldorf-Inspired Public School Program. 

How many instructional days/minutes are required?

Sparrow Academy Homeschool follows educational code for charter schools that requires engagement in educational activities on calendared school days as marks for attendance. The amount of work necessary to constitute a day’s learning is determined by the Homeschool teacher. 

How are parent educators supported?

Homeschool parents will receive Educational Units (EUs) to use toward the purchase of select curriculum and resources to teach their child at home. Parents will meet once every 20 days (minimum) with our Homeschool teacher to support and ensure learning for each child. Optional enrichment opportunities and learning resources will be shared to build community and enhance student learning. 

How many Educational Units (EUs) are awarded & how can they be spent?

Each unit is worth $1. 1800 EUs are allocated per year to be spent on curriculum and resources from approved vendors. For more information on current vendors contact us.

How much reporting or documentation is required?

Attendance and original student work samples are required to be submitted for each learning period. All submissions are received and reviewed by our Homeschool teacher. All forms needed for documentation are provided by the school. 

Do homeschool students participate in standardized tests? 

Homeschool students in 3rd-8th grade participate in school-wide standardized testing, as well as state testing. 

Is there an immunization requirement to join the homeschool program? 

Homeschool students are not required to have immunizations to join our program or participate in any of the homeschool activities.